Erin Massey, LCSWTelebehavioral Health
By Erin Massey, LCSW, Behavioral Health Consultant

It is estimated that over half of Americans will experience some mental health issues during their lifetime, which can include depression and anxiety. In order to meet everyone’s needs in regard to behavioral health, Providers had to be creative in delivering these services. One such delivery method being used is Telebehavioral health. Telebehavioral Health has been in the makings for several years, but since the Pandemic, the concept has become more of a common service than it was prior. Telebehavioral Health is a service that can be offered by psychiatrists, psychologists, and social workers. It involves the patient receiving Behavioral Health services remotely from the provider. The patient and service provider utilize live audio and visual connections to engage in therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy and behavioral activation, and some providers may offer medication management as well. Patients can be at either their home or at the clinical site, and the provider is located at another site. The goal of this service is to be able to help fill in continuity of care gaps, especially in rural areas where services can be few and far between. Every state differs in their requirements and policies for Telebehavioral Health to be both provided and received. Thus far, some of the key findings in regards to this service is that it can be just as effective as in-person visits depending on the needs of the patient. Most insurances will cover the costs of Telebehavioral Health visits, and some of these visits have been found to actually cost less than in- person visits. If you are unable to find the time to get in to see a Behavioral Health provider, or would just feel more comfortable receiving services at your home, Telebehavioral Health may be a beneficial solution to get your needs met.