St. Mary’s Hospital and Clinics and the St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation are proud to introduce our new Rehabilitation Services Facility at St. Mary’s in Cottonwood. The new space houses both Physical and Occupational Therapy and provides a much needed expansion to the old space, which was bursting at the seams!

This project was made possible by the generation donation of $350,000 from the St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation, which raises funds each year through public gifts, donations, and events such as the annual Mardi Gras Dinner and Auction and the Golf 4 Life Tournament. The St. Mary’s Hospital Foundation is committed to supporting the addition and upgrade of equipment for departments in the hospital, along with building improvements, and in recent years they have helped to fund the Fire Sprinkler System Installation, the upgraded boiler system project, and the recently expanded Medical Laboratory.
The new Rehabilitation Services project is a significant milestone in helping St. Mary’s better serve the growing demand for PT and OT services on the prairie and the surrounding areas. St. Mary’s has also welcomed a new Physical Therapist to our organization, Peter Christenson. Peter attended the University of Minnesota and has a passion for patient centered care. One of the draws for him in coming to St. Mary’s was the opportunity to work both in the outpatient clinic, and in the hospital setting, in order to be able to provide continuity of care. He brings a love of the outdoors and a desire to improve the lives of his patients with him…and he has added a new goal of learning how to fly fish!

St. Mary’s Rehabilitation Services offers comprehensive services that help patients achieve the best possible outcomes. We can treat patients during and after hospital stays, before and after surgery, and if you sustain an injury or just suffer from “wear and tear”. St. Mary’s is excited for this new chapter in our patient care, and in continuing to fulfill our mission of “Healthy families, fulfilled lives”.