Vaccine Policy Statement

At St Mary’s Health/Clearwater Valley Health, we aim to improve health one patient at a time in a friendly and professional culture committed to superior quality and safety. Our  health care teams support childhood immunizations. We recognize the vital role vaccinations play in safeguarding the health of your children. Getting your child vaccinated not only helps protect your child, but it also helps protect others in the community. For example, your friend who cannot receive certain vaccines or your neighbor’s new baby who is too young to be fully vaccinated. When everyone who is eligible to be vaccinated does so, it helps to prevent the spread of disease within a community.

While we encourage childhood immunizations, we also recognize and respect a parent’s right to make choices regarding their child’s healthcare. We hope to provide information and answer questions to help you make the best decision for yourself and your child. We strive to partner with you in your child’s care, without judgment, and with sound reasoning.

We believe in the effectiveness of vaccines to prevent illness and save lives.

We believe in the safety of our vaccines and that on-time vaccination helps to provide immunity against potentially life-threatening diseases.

We believe that vaccination is one of the most important interventions we perform as health care providers and a very important health intervention you can choose for your child.

Please approach any of our providers or clinical staff with questions you may have regarding immunizations. They want to help you make an informed and appropriate decision for your child. We have also provided a schedule of recommended immunizations based on age. In partnership with the state of Idaho, we offer all recommended childhood immunizations in a safe, friendly environment. Thank you for choosing St. Mary’s Health/Clearwater Valley Health as your healthcare destination. We hope to see you soon!