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Interested in becoming a Volunteer?

While our wonderful doctors and nurses care for a patient’s body, it’s often a volunteer that can help bring a smile to that patient’s face. Volunteers are an integral part of SMH-CVH family and are needed at our hospitals and clinics. A volunteer can contribute in many different capacities, whether it’s delivering reading or craft materials, assisting  “behind the scenes”, or helping families when they need it most. There is also a program designed specifically for teen volunteers. No matter where your strengths lie, there is sure to be a volunteer opportunity that’s perfect for you.


The volunteer role is extremely important at St. Mary’s Health & Clearwater Valley Health, as everyone representing our organization has an impact on our patients and their experience with us. A few items to keep in mind:

  • Volunteering is not job shadowing.
  • We do not offer internships through our volunteer program.
  • We cannot create a position based on personal or professional goals. We have specific volunteer roles that enhance the services we provide.
  • Before applying, please ask yourself, “Am I applying because I have a sincere drive to help?” and “Can I consistently commit to one or more shifts every month?”

When we have an opening, we will call you for an interview. The majority of our volunteer needs are Monday through Friday during normal work hours.

Our Volunteer Application is located on our “Careers” page. Please scroll until you see the “Volunteer” position (or use the search function to search “volunteer”), then fill out the application and submit. We will be in touch with you as quickly as we can once we receive your submission. (No resume required.)