Tom SeubertSt. Mary’s Health is proud to recognize Thomas Seubert for his 20 years of dedication and service as an Advanced Emergency Medical Technician. Tom’s selfless devotion and dedication to helping in our communities and serving others, as well as helping to train and develop other Emergency Medical Staff, shines a bright light on how important our EMT’s truly are.
Thomas is also a local farmer and rancher, along with his EMT duties – two things that are both passions for him, and that require an enormous commitment of time and training. He has spent many years furthering his education so that he could better serve his community. That’s 20 years of sleepless “on-call” nights, 20 years of responding to calls of every nature, and 20 years of juggling the demands of farming and ranching with the responsibility of caring for friends, neighbors, complete strangers, and loved ones. When an emergency call comes in, the EMT’s don’t know what they might encounter and, for the past 20 years, Thomas has answered that call. When asked why he enjoys being an EMT, Tom says, “I like helping my community and helping people who are sick and/or injured. I also like the comradery of the Emergency Services Team. We become a family, and they are my second family.”
Thomas, thank you. We are so grateful for the work you do in our community. Thank you for helping others when they can’t help themselves, for showing up to difficult situations ready to help, and for being a hero to those in need. You are so appreciated and your St. Mary’s Health family, and the community you selflessly serve, are so thankful to you, and grateful for you.
Thomas would like to encourage anyone interested in becoming an EMT to contact him, Amy Phillips, or Shauntell Funke at St. Mary’s Health for more information. The need for qualified EMT’s is great, but the reward for saving a life is so much greater.